What are the Advantages of peristaltic pump?

Advantages of peristaltic pump
1. Cleanliness and hygiene: the liquid only passes through the hose and does not contact the pump body. The hose meets a variety of food and Drug Certification.
2. Accuracy: meet the accuracy and repeatability of quantitative addition and distribution filling application.
3. Self priming and self-locking: high self-priming capacity, dry operation, stop valve function, shutdown without backflow siphon.
4. Forward and reverse conveying: changing the motor direction can realize forward and reverse conveying with the same flow.
5. Low shear: it can transport the fluid containing solid particles without damaging the particles, if the particles are orange.
6. Easy to operate and maintain: without valves and seals, hoses are the only consumables and easy to maintain and replace.
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