Advantages of peristaltic pump filling machine

Advantages of peristaltic pump filling machine

1. Easy to clean
The material only flows through the pump tube and does not come into contact with any other parts of the machine. Cleaning and replacing the pump tube can transport different fluids

2. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance
The pump tube supports 220°C high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization: the pump tube is made of various materials, including pharmaceutical grade, food grade, and chemical pump tubes that are resistant to strong acids, alkalis, and organic solvents.

3. High precision, long life and easy maintenance
And the repeatable filling accuracy is high (error ≤±0.5%); the peristaltic pump is a long-term use product, the pump tube is a consumable material, and there are no other wearing parts. It is easy to install, simple to operate, easy to clean, and has low maintenance costs.

4. Self-priming\self-locking\idling\forward and reverse reversible
It has strong self-priming ability, no need to prime the pump, the suction distance can reach 8 meters, and the lift can reach 30 meters: the machine will self-lock when it stops, and will not backfill; it can run idling without damaging the machine; it can be reversed and reversed, and it can suck back without dripping.

5. Liquid\gas\paste\liquid-solid mixture can be used
Fluids with certain fluidity can be pumped, not limited to liquids, gases, pastes or powders or multi-phase mixtures can be pumped.

6. No shear, low pulsation, strong interchangeability
The same host can be installed with different types of pump heads, and the same pump head can be adapted to different types of pump tubes, thereby easily achieving fluid pumping in a wide flow range. The pump heads can be stacked in series to double the work efficiency.

7. Supports pumping with multiple metering methods
One machine can realize multiple working modes such as continuous conveying, timing quantification, copy quantification, weighing quantification, volume (weight) quantification, etc. It has a communication interface and can be used with packaging machines, fully automatic production lines, etc.
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