Norprene Tygon-chemical Tube

Norprene Tygon-chemical Tube This corrosion-resistant pump pipe is made of tooth yellow or black pipe, with a white translucent lining on the inner wall and good resilience. Also known as chemical isolation pipe and fluorine lined hose.

The yellow ones are food grade hoses and the black ones are industrial grade hoses.

The corrosion-resistant lining has excellent chemical resistance and can be used as peristaltic pump tubing for long life.

Norprene Chemical chemical isolation tubing for use as corrosion-resistant peristaltic pump tubing. However, for non-polar solvents, chemical compatibility must still be verified.

The inner cavity is plasticizer-free, odorless, and highly smooth, improving flushability.

The temperature resistance range is -60~+70℃.
It can be sterilized by radiation/gas, but cannot be sterilized by high-pressure steam at 121 degrees.
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